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Listen to Lung Sounds

Learn to recognize breathing issues

Each breath provides clues
It can be difficult to tell the difference between normal and abnormal lung sounds. Listen to these breath sound clips to hear common lung abnormalities.

Lung Sounds:

Title Format Size
Coarse Crackles Coarse crackles WAV sound file WAV 95KB
Inspiratory Stridor Inspiratory stridor WAV sound file WAV 109KB
Normal Vesicular Normal vesicular WAV sound file WAV 100KB
Pleural Friction Pleural friction WAV sound file WAV 154KB
Wheezing Wheezing WAV sound file WAV 80KB

Other Lung Sounds:

Title Format Size
Lung Sound 1 Lung Sound 1 MP3 247KB
Lung Sound 2 Lung Sound 2 MP3 231KB
Lung Sound 3 Lung Sound 3 MP3 317KB
Lung Sound 4 Lung Sound 4 MP3 262KB
Lung Sound 5 Lung Sound 5 MP3 340KB
Lung Sound 6 Lung Sound 6 MP3 275KB
Lung Sound 7 Lung Sound 7 MP3 286KB
Lung Sound 8 Lung Sound 8 MP3 198KB
Lung Sound 9 Lung Sound 9 MP3 353KB
Lung Sound 10 Lung Sound 10 MP3 388KB

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