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Basic Heart Sounds Course

Hear normal and abnormal heartbeats

Not all lub-dubs are alike
Refresh your knowledge of critical heart sounds to detect abnormal heartbeats and make diagnoses.

Heart Sounds:

Title Format Size
Normal Split S1 Normal Split S1 WAV sound file WAV 97KB
Normal Split Second Sound Normal Split Second Sound WAV sound file WAV 99KB
S3 S3 WAV sound file WAV 107KB
S4 S4 WAV sound file WAV 110KB
Early Systolic Murmur (1/6) Early Systolic Murmur (1/6) WAV sound file WAV 109KB
Late Systolic Murmur Late Systolic Murmur WAV sound file WAV 111KB
Ejection Click Ejection Click WAV sound file WAV 106KB
Opening Snap Opening Snap WAV sound file WAV 107KB
Pansystolic Murmur Pansystolic Murmur WAV sound file WAV 113KB
Diastolic Rumble Diastolic Rumble WAV sound file WAV 100KB

Other Heart Sounds:

Title Format Size
Heart Sound 1 Heart Sound 1 MP3 224KB
Heart Sound 2 Heart Sound 2 MP3 342KB
Heart Sound 3 Heart Sound 3 MP3 273KB
Heart Sound 4 Heart Sound 4 MP3 283KB
Heart Sound 5 Heart Sound 5 MP3 381KB
Heart Sound 6 Heart Sound 6 MP3 281KB
Heart Sound 7 Heart Sound 7 MP3 296KB
Heart Sound 8 Heart Sound 8 MP3 280KB
Heart Sound 9 Heart Sound 9 MP3 313KB
Heart Sound 10 Heart Sound 10 MP3 372KB

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